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Reebok is an American-inspired global brand with its roots firmly in fitness. The brand is committed to empowering consumers to lead a fit and healthy life.

Reebok’s history began way back in 1890, when a shoemaker named J.W. Foster developed the first known running shoe with spikes, enabling athletes to run faster than ever before.

The brand established its commitment to fitness in 1982 with the creation of the world’s first athletic shoe, designed especially for women. The shoe was called the Reebok Freestyle and it revolutionised exercise to music.

In August 1989 Step Reebok was born. Up until then fitness studios were empty spaces with nothing more than a sound system and some mats. The Reebok Step changed this by being more than just a product. It was the world’s first equipment based, scientifically researched, studio fitness programme. The Reebok Step established itself as an essential component of all studios. Its design has continuously evolved throughout the years, with the latest version being both bold and functional.